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live healthy | earn tokens

Earn tokens by improving your healthy lifestyle. Simply hold $YESIL tokens in your wallet and you'll earn more tokens by holding

⚠ Set slippage to 15%


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Live healthy, get $YESIL
Earn tokens by improving your healthy lifestyle
Hold $YESIL, earn more
Let your tokens grow with the reflection tokens from each transaction
Track from your wallet
Track and manage your assets directly from $YESIL website
Join the great community
Join our fast-growing community !

$YESIL holders enjoy passive rewards

$YESIL holders enjoy their rewards, no action is required. Simply leave your $YESIL in your wallet and watch your YESIL portfolio grow indefinitely.

No minting, hyper deflationary

Unlike most other tokens which mint, the rewards that $YESIL holders enjoy come from the tax proceeds collected. So, no new $YESIL is created in the process. Not only is there a maximum amount of $YESIL, but the circulating supply will gradually decrease because of the burn mechanism.

Welcome to blockhain of your health

Yesil Health where people can follow their health habits and personal recommendations. Rewarding people with tokens as they gain healthier living habits

Meet Yesy !

your health sleep emotion nutrition activity mental social spiritual career assistant

Manage your body, mental, social and intellectual wellbeing with your personal health coach

Understand your health
Questions prepared for you , will help you to better understand your health
Gamified challenges that can help your personal growth and well-being
Reward with $YESIL
Earn tokens by improving your healthy lifestyle
Personalized roadmaps that can discover future healthy you
Health coach
Manage and ask about your health with an health expert
AI powered
AI-powered symptom and health analysis

🎚 Tokenomics

Earn passive income by holding $YESIL

Our ecosystem's rising star is $YESIL,  BEP-20 token with a smart contract that incorporates four brilliant protocols. Its tokenomics perform together as a single token, delivering something powerful to everyone.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (fixed)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

%10 tax from each transaction

%3 Reflections
Sending all token holders. Your balances grow automatically by just holding
%3 Liquidity
Automatically grows token liquidity from each transaction. Ensuring price stability
%3 Project
The funds from this function will be primarly used to grow $YESIL to reach more new holders
%1 Burn
Tokens are permanently taken out of the circulating supply on each trade

Healthy Yesy - 8888 NFTs collection

Coming soon

Discover Yesy's NFTs !

Our wellness themed NFTs, consisting of different versions of our mascot Yesy, are coming soon

🚀 Roadmap

✅ Phase I

🔥 Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV